New Neva kittens!

The 5th of November our Neva Snö gave birth to 4 healthy kittens. The proud father is Saga's Bars.
Earliest date for moving 28th of Januari 2015.
More information at their

latest litters:
Litter 9: Porla and Bars 2014-03-18
Dis and Dimma:
Dis o Dimma 12v

plans for more information.

most recent litters:
Litter 8: Artemis and Saesar 2013-08-27


Litter 7: Aurora and Amran 2013-03-19:


Kull 6: Porla and Budderball 2012-06-28
Kull 5: Artemis (Juno) and Moberg - 2012-05-23

IMG_8091 freja 1vsnoĢˆ_2v_2

Previous litters:

kull 1 (2008-06-11, Zoe and Mexx)
kull 2 (2009-07-05, Zoe and Amadeus)
kull 3 (2010-04-23, Aurora and Roman)
Litter 4: Poenna (Hera) and Wille (S*Knjaze Valentin)