Artemis had her first litter 120523!

Sire: Moberg, n 09 24 - Mother: S*Irinas Artemis, f 09 23
moberg o artemis

Artemis' kitten is the 3rd generation from Zoe's line!
A really special feeling...


(se pictures
litter 2 (Zoe's) och litter 4 (Poenna's))

Zoe's fantastic character, intelligens and loyalty has made me pursue the continuation of her breeding line. Zoe had a little too small nose, but for each generation this becomes better. Artemis is a great cat and her kitten looks promising.

Freja/Addis: n 23

IMG_8091 freja 1vFreja_4v

Freja is now living with a wonderfull family at the south side of Gothenburg.
A little embarrassing, on delivery Freja turned out to be a guy...Luckily, the potential buyers did not mind and Freja is now called Addis.
(Lesson: if you can not be around the first weeks, donot blindly trust veterinarians when you register your kittens)

We really hope he will behave so they can keep him fertile for a while...

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