Kull 1
Litter 1: 080611  





Maxi: She was called Maximillian because we initially were convinced she was a boy. When we discovered our mistake, we had gotten used to call her Maxi. Changing her name to Maxima instead, we could continue doing that. With 3-4 weeks of age she became more feminine, both concerning looks and behaviour. She might never become a good show cat, but she is a wonderfull girl!



Sasja: With her beautiful eyes and fur, she is definitely the nicest kitten in the litter, a real lady. She takes place in a different way then her litter-mates. When she does not like something, or when she wants something, she utters a pitiable peep and waits until someone will help her out. She soon learned to make the same sounds as her mother in order to call for her brother and sister.



Sandor: He is the most active kitten with lots of energy. Always prepared to play and very social.


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