zoe and Christina
At first sight of Zoe I realized that she was a proud, but very loyal cat. From the moment she set her paws in our house, she has been dominating it. She obviously regards herself as queen and expects everybody else to do the same. Vi picked her up some hours driving in the middle of Tiveden, in Tivedens cattery where Zoe’s mother Dulce reigned in a similar matter. Zoe owns her favourite spots and knows what she wants. If she does not get help soon enough, she will somehow solve it herself. It did not take her more then some weeks to learn how to open most doors in the house. Her favourite person is the daughter in the house, Christina, whom she follows everywhere (picture). When she calls Zoe comes running, and when she leaves Zoe sits in the window and waits for her to come back. Unfortunately, Zoe really hates cars and shows, so we promised her that she would not have to go there anymore.

Zoe has had 2 litters (
see here) and is now castrated.

Thank you S*Tivedens for this wonderful cat!