Artemism, 2e generation after our Zoe!

Artemis had own kittens the 23rd of May 2012, see litter 5
Artemis fr blogg 2012Zoe_Poenna
I had been committed to try and keep Zoe's breeding line, because in our opinion she represents so much of a "real Siberian": clever, loyal, beautiful and personal. Artemis was very much like her mother and grandmother, so I was very happy when Fredrik and Rosie (who earlier had bought our Flox, kitten from Aurora) expressed interest to be co-owners.

Artemis is now called Juno, and lives happilyt in Älvängen (north of Gothenburg) together with Flox
Artemis_2mca. 2 months

Flox and Artemis
Juno o Flox 2012_B